Homework assignments for workshops

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Homework assignments for workshops NPD 2017 In preparation for the National PhD day 2017 on September 23rd at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Comeniuslaan 2, 6525 HP Nijmegen) a few workshops have homework assignments to help you make the most out … Read More

Keynote Speaker: prof. Mike Jetten

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Keynote speech by prof. Mike Jetten The ‘magic’ mix for an outstanding career in science What makes your lecture stand out? My PNN lecture stands out as it provides self-confidence and academic leadership skills as magic ingredients for a successful … Read More

Food for thought: Rens van de Schoot

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Besides providing a nutritious lunch, we’d like to give you some food for thought at National PhD Day 2016. Join us at lunchtime in the Kanunnikenzaal for a special discussion on questionable research practices by Rens van de Schoot Temptation … Read More

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