Homework assignments for workshops

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Homework assignments for workshops NPD 2017

In preparation for the National PhD day 2017 on September 23rd at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Comeniuslaan 2, 6525 HP Nijmegen) a few workshops have homework assignments to help you make the most out of your attendance. Check the overview below to see if your workshop is asking you to do such an assignment! Haven’t registered yet? It’s still possible here!

Workshop: Design a thesis cover that stands out!

Hi PhD!

Thank you for subscribing for my workshop! I’m sending you a small, fun assignment to do at home as a warm-up.
Over the next week look around you. Gather things you like, take pictures. What do you like about them? The colour, the composition, the letters? You can have a look at theses, but you really don’t have to. Magazines, tickets, music posters, they can all inspire you.
Please take everything you found with you to the workshop. It’ll help you to get going. Also, don’t forget to take a pencil.
Enjoy, you’ll see the world with new eyes!


Workshop: Do you dare to live to your capabilities?
Preparative assignments

Take a couple of minutes to scribble down your thoughts on the following questions.

  1. What made you decide to go for a PhD?
  2. Who are your role models, if you had to pick some?
  3. Have you ever experienced a complete sense of “flow”, of being exactly at the right place at the right time? When was that? What were you doing?
  4. Suppose you enjoy full financial independence. You can afford anything. What are you going to do?
  5. What do you want to experience?
  6. What fascinates you, really keeps you occupied?
  7. What do you want to learn?
  8. What would you like the epitaph on your grave to read?

 How to stand out during your dissertation defense

Write down and bring 5 questions that you expect to be asked during the defense.

Workshop: Shape your career

Home work: describe your ideal job in 5 key words.

Career Coaches at National PhD Day 2017

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Career coaches at National PhD Day 2017

In addition to the lectures and workshops available to you on NPD 2017, we also offer the opportunity to discuss with professional career coaches how you can build a career that is best for you and your research. They will be available during the lunch break and in the afternoon to discuss your career plans and check your CV. During the registration on September 23rd (10 – 11 AM) you will be able to register for a time slot with these coaches.

Chiat Cheong
Qia Consultancy & Training (Career coaching)

Since 2009 she supports scientist to make the most of their PhD Power, benefitting from her research background and her personal struggles in career transition in the past. In 2016 she established Qia Consultancy & Training to provide consultancy to research organisations in the set-up of PhD programmes for career orientation. In addition, she runs workshops and offers individual coaching to support scientists in gaining better insights in their capabilities and intrinsic motivation. Critical steps to make decision towards fulfilling careers.

Geraldine Sinnema

Een wereld van verschil (Career coaching)

Originally educated as a sociologist and education expert at Wageningen University, I have now found my niche in providing personal career development counselling. I feel privileged to be able to accompany people on a stretch of their life path and to be one of the instruments to have helped during a particular stage. I work since 1993 as a career consultant, coach and trainer for highly educated people. I already accompanied hundrerds of people to a (better) job. My strong point is being able to translate insight about people into practical advice that can help you to reach your goals. I use my clarity, empathy and creativity to make a true difference.

Harry Linders
Bureau Loopbaanplanning (CV check)

Bureau Loopbaanplanning
06 – 29 55 44 51

Harry is a career counselor since 1993 and he is involved in several projects on different levels regarding employability. In 2007 he started his own bureau and now he has several assignments in training and advising people entering the working process or continuing their career. During this period he collected a fair knowledge and network about the actual labour market. Selected projects: NWO/FOM career planning and individual guidance, Phace Utrecht, UvA, NOVA career program, University of Twente career orientation.


National PhD Day 2017: Complete schedule

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National PhD Day 2017 – Complete schedule 
One week left to register for the National PhD Day 2017! Dare to stand out and come join us at Radboud University in Nijmegen. The day is packed tight with keynote lectures, twelve interesting workshops, the supervisor award, and loads of networking opportunities. The information market is available to you the entire day. Take this day to work on your unique profile as a PhD candidate and discuss how to stand out with peers and experts in different fields!

Keynote speaker: prof. Maartje van der Woude

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Keynote speech by prof. Maartje van der Woude
The power of showing your true colors instead of being 50 shades of grey
What makes your lecture stand out?
My wit and my brutal honesty in reflecting upon working in academia.

Description of lecture
Planning an academic career is hard as there are many uncertainties and limited possibilities. By reflecting on my own career path and by sharing some fortunate and less fortunate choices I’ve made over the years, I want to address the necessity and value of daring to stand out in the right way.



Keynote Speaker: prof. Mike Jetten

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Keynote speech by prof. Mike Jetten
The ‘magic’ mix for an outstanding career in science
What makes your lecture stand out?
My PNN lecture stands out as it provides self-confidence and academic leadership skills as magic ingredients for a successful career in science.

Description of lecture
With all modern developments and methodological advances, the future is bright for young scientist. Nevertheless, the impediments of a scientific career are often perceived as disproportionate. The continuous competition for projects and the lack of security are not appealing, especially for women that lack role models. In addition to scientific guidance, excellent university mentors should teach academic leadership skills that contribute up to 85% of your success. As a strong positive self-image is one of the best preparation for great achievements, positive feedback, praise and a growth mind set are essential ingredients for an outstanding career in science.

National PhD Day 2017 – Save the date!

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PNN would like to invite you to the highly anticipated fourth edtion of National PhD Day, with the theme: Dare to stand out! Be sure to block Saturday 23rd of September in your schedule and make your way to Radboud University in Nijmegen to join us. There will be interesting workshops, inspiring keynote lectures, and the supervisor award ceremony to attend, together with PhD candidates from all fields of research.

For more information about #NationalPhDDay; follow us on FacebookTwitter where more details will be announced shortly.

National PhD Day
23rd September 2017
Location: Radboud University Nijmegen

Save the date! 

Photo’s National PhD Day 2016

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All photo’s taken during National PhD Day 2016 by our photographer Chris Gorzeman from are now on our Facebook page.

Evaluate National PhD Day 2016 & win a prize!

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We are very curious to hear how you experienced this third edition of National PhD Day 2016.  Did you enjoy the workshops, would you recommend it to coworkers, let us know!

Please fill out our evaluation form and tell us how we can improve this day and make National PhD Day 2017 even better!

If you leave your email address at the end of the questionnaire, you will have a chance at winning the professional profile picture photoshoot, offered to you by Mariske Krijgsman of LinkedInProfielfotograaf (value of €100)*.

* One entry per person, only for participants of National PhD Day 2016. Deadline: Wednesday 9th November 2016. Winner will be announced on Friday 11th of November.

Important: no need to wait for the announcement of the winner, before using the voucher in the goodiebag; in that case we’ll let LinkedInProfielfotograaf know you’re our winner!


Go to the —> evaluation form <—-

National PhD Day – Frequently Asked Questions

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We’re getting quite a bit of emails about the details of National PhD Day. Great to hear that you’re all very excited about this Saturday, but to speed up the process of answering those emails, please check out our FAQ:

Q: What is the address of the Academy Building?

A: Check out our special Travel & Stay page


Q: At what time does National PhD Day start?

A: Registration will start at 10:00, official opening will start at 11:00. Check out the timetable.


Q: Do I need to bring a copy of my registration/ID/proof that I am a PhD?

A: No need, just mention your name at the registration desk and you will get access to National PhD Day.


Q: Which workshops did I register for?

A: Fortunately, you received a confirmation email (from: with all the details of your registration. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it.


Q: I did not receive the confirmation email (I checked the spam folder)?

A: If the email is not in the spam folder and you can’t remember which workshops you selected, don’t stress. We have lists at the registration desk for you to check which workshops you registered for.


Q: Do I need to prepare for the workshops?

A: Some workshops to require some preparation. The assignments were mentioned in the newsletter with Final Information and are listed here.


Q: Can I switch workshops or just go to a different workshop than the workshop I registered for?

A: Unfortunately the amount of seats per workshop room is limited and all workshops are fully booked. So you can only go to the workshops you registered for.


Still unanswered questions that can’t wait until Saturday? Let us know by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you!


See you this Saturday!

Food for thought: Rens van de Schoot

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Besides providing a nutritious lunch, we’d like to give you some food for thought at National PhD Day 2016. Join us at lunchtime in the Kanunnikenzaal for a special discussion on questionable research practices by Rens van de Schoot


Temptation Island: Do you need questionable research practices to survive academia? By Rens van de Schoot, associate professor at the department of methods & statistics at Utrecht University | | @rensvdschoot

Description of Food for Though session

Science has always been a dynamic process with continuously changing rules and attitudes. While innovation and new knowledge production are essential in academia, making sure the best practices in research are widely known is vital. However, rules and traditions on responsible research practices differ greatly between research disciplines and often different rules apply in different fields. Most of these rules are subjective and in fact ‘unwritten’ that makes them difficult to identify, differentiate and grasp. The current debate about appropriate scientific practices is fierce and lively and has moved from academia to the public domain, resulting in many public opinions, not solely driven by objective information, but instead loaded by emotions. Many Early career scientists feel uncertain of how to act and who to talk to.

The Young Academy of the KNAW ( has started a project titled ‘The living room of science: promoting responsible research practices through an interactive discussion’. The ultimate goal of this project is to create an accessible online open platform for early career scientists (ranging from Phd students to young assistant professors) to acquire information about appropriate research practices. We hope that arguments like “this is how we always do it”, or “get used to it, this is what it takes to publish your paper” will no longer be used.

The lunch session at the National PhD Day can be seen as a part of this larger project. I will present the results of a vignette study among PhD-students in The Netherlands and Belgium about responsible research practices (carried out in collaboration with PNN). Topics are data fabrication, deleting outliers to get significant effects, salami slicing, gift authorship and excluding information from your paper. Together we will search for ways to improve current research practices by means of an interactive discussion. So, bring your phone with you!

For more information about the programme, go to the programme page.