Career Coaches at National PhD Day 2017

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Career coaches at National PhD Day 2017

In addition to the lectures and workshops available to you on NPD 2017, we also offer the opportunity to discuss with professional career coaches how you can build a career that is best for you and your research. They will be available during the lunch break and in the afternoon to discuss your career plans and check your CV. During the registration on September 23rd (10 – 11 AM) you will be able to register for a time slot with these coaches.

Chiat Cheong
Qia Consultancy & Training (Career coaching)

Since 2009 she supports scientist to make the most of their PhD Power, benefitting from her research background and her personal struggles in career transition in the past. In 2016 she established Qia Consultancy & Training to provide consultancy to research organisations in the set-up of PhD programmes for career orientation. In addition, she runs workshops and offers individual coaching to support scientists in gaining better insights in their capabilities and intrinsic motivation. Critical steps to make decision towards fulfilling careers.

Geraldine Sinnema

Een wereld van verschil (Career coaching)

Originally educated as a sociologist and education expert at Wageningen University, I have now found my niche in providing personal career development counselling. I feel privileged to be able to accompany people on a stretch of their life path and to be one of the instruments to have helped during a particular stage. I work since 1993 as a career consultant, coach and trainer for highly educated people. I already accompanied hundrerds of people to a (better) job. My strong point is being able to translate insight about people into practical advice that can help you to reach your goals. I use my clarity, empathy and creativity to make a true difference.

Harry Linders
Bureau Loopbaanplanning (CV check)

Bureau Loopbaanplanning
06 – 29 55 44 51

Harry is a career counselor since 1993 and he is involved in several projects on different levels regarding employability. In 2007 he started his own bureau and now he has several assignments in training and advising people entering the working process or continuing their career. During this period he collected a fair knowledge and network about the actual labour market. Selected projects: NWO/FOM career planning and individual guidance, Phace Utrecht, UvA, NOVA career program, University of Twente career orientation.


Workshop: Shape your career

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Shape your career
A workshop by drs. Harry Linders, career coach/advisor with his own bureau sinds 2007. Selected projects: NWO/FOM career planning and individual guidance, Phace Utrecht, UvA, NOVA career program, University of Twente career orientation.

Description of workshop:
An overview of approach and strategies of (Dutch) labour market. The reality of the labour market is discussed and the workshop explains differences in CV, the use of cover letters and the importance to build and use a professional network. Additionally, the workshop explains in detail what PhD candidates need to prepare and plan their next successful step in their careers.

National PhD Day 2017: Complete schedule

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National PhD Day 2017 – Complete schedule 
One week left to register for the National PhD Day 2017! Dare to stand out and come join us at Radboud University in Nijmegen. The day is packed tight with keynote lectures, twelve interesting workshops, the supervisor award, and loads of networking opportunities. The information market is available to you the entire day. Take this day to work on your unique profile as a PhD candidate and discuss how to stand out with peers and experts in different fields!

Keynote speaker: prof. Maartje van der Woude

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Keynote speech by prof. Maartje van der Woude
The power of showing your true colors instead of being 50 shades of grey
What makes your lecture stand out?
My wit and my brutal honesty in reflecting upon working in academia.

Description of lecture
Planning an academic career is hard as there are many uncertainties and limited possibilities. By reflecting on my own career path and by sharing some fortunate and less fortunate choices I’ve made over the years, I want to address the necessity and value of daring to stand out in the right way.



Keynote Speaker: prof. Mike Jetten

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Keynote speech by prof. Mike Jetten
The ‘magic’ mix for an outstanding career in science
What makes your lecture stand out?
My PNN lecture stands out as it provides self-confidence and academic leadership skills as magic ingredients for a successful career in science.

Description of lecture
With all modern developments and methodological advances, the future is bright for young scientist. Nevertheless, the impediments of a scientific career are often perceived as disproportionate. The continuous competition for projects and the lack of security are not appealing, especially for women that lack role models. In addition to scientific guidance, excellent university mentors should teach academic leadership skills that contribute up to 85% of your success. As a strong positive self-image is one of the best preparation for great achievements, positive feedback, praise and a growth mind set are essential ingredients for an outstanding career in science.

Workshop: Building a Business out of your PhD

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Building a Business out of your PhD

A workshop by Madis Talmar, lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at TU/e and JADS.

Description of workshop:
Ever wondered if you could become an entrepreneur? In this session, we will consider if and how your PhD could be turned into a business. You will learn how to play around with the main concepts in entrepreneurship, such as opportunity, value proposition and market segment. We will then try to translate your research work into these entrepreneurship concepts and discuss how to empower oneself to take action towards becoming an entrepreneur.


Workshop: Do you dare to live to your capabilities?

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Do you dare to live to your capabilities?

A workshop by Chiat Cheong, PhD, Qia Consultancy & Training ( & Ralph Rousseau, PhD.

Description of workshop:
How do you arrive at the decisions that determine your career as a PhD? The options may be far more extensive than you may imagine, especially in today’s world. So what  is going to determine these choices? Your knowledge, your capabilities, the opportunities that just happen to arise
We challenge you to discover your PhD Power and the internal factors that drive you in what you do. The question then becomes: to what extent will you dare to let your true motivation determine your career path?
Both trainers are PhD graduates and pursued research careers. When they took the leap and applied their PhD skills outside research, it resulted in unexpected but successful and rewarding career paths. Take a few minutes to read about those career paths here!
There is an assignment in preparation for this workshop.


Workshop: Design a thesis cover that stands out!

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Design a thesis cover that stands out!

A workshop by Evelien Jagtman, Graphic designer.

Description of workshop:
Would you like to give just that extra touch to your thesis? Would you like to design something yourself? Make something that’s unique, really you and stands out of the crowds? Then, come to my workshop! We’ll work on your unique idea, we’ll discover your style and I’ll explain some basic things about graphic design. These are the most important elements to create something stunning. The rest will follow by itself.
There is an assignment in preparation for this workshop.


Workshop: How to stand out online!

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How to stand out online! Using Social Media for an Optimal Online Profile 

A workshop by Alex den Haan, Client Services Manager at AcademicTransfer

Description of workshop:
Does your online profile convey your expertise and experience? Is all your (scientifc) output conventiently accesable with a single click? Which tools can you use to your benefit,both during your PhD trajectory and afterwards?
We will cover basics, like Linkedin but what about Facebook? There will be room for questions and discussion, so join this session if you want to learn more about how to power up your professional online profile.


Workshop: How to stand out during your dissertation defense

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How to stand out during your dissertation defense?

A workshop given by Dr. Caro Struijke, senior lecturer Radboud in’to Languages.

Description of workshop:
You are nearing the end of your PhD track. The defense is approaching. Are you looking forward to it or are you dreading it? Are you afraid you will get questions you won’t be able to answer? During this workshop you will learn what to expect during the defense, how to prepare, how to answer any challenging questions, how to feel in control, how to stand out, and how to turn the defense in something you will actually enjoy.