We’re getting quite a bit of emails about the details of National PhD Day. Great to hear that you’re all very excited about this Saturday, but to speed up the process of answering those emails, please check out our FAQ:

Q: I would really like to go to National PhD Day 2016, are there any cancellations or tickets left?

A: National PhD Day 2016 is fully booked, no more seats left in any of the workshops, so you’ll have to try again next year!

Q: What if I just go to Utrecht on the 29th and try to register on site?

A: We’re sorry but there is no possibility to register on site. National PhD Day is fully booked. In order to ensure that people who registered in time do get to go to their workshops, we will be checking names at the entrance. Our tip: like the National PhD Day Facebook page and be one of the first to know when registration for National PhD Day 2017 starts!

Q: What is the address of the Academy Building?

A: Check out our special Travel & Stay page

Q: At what time does National PhD Day start?

A: Registration will start at 10:00, official opening will start at 11:00. Check out the timetable.

Q: Do I need to bring a copy of my registration/ID/proof that I am a PhD?

A: No need, just mention your name at the registration desk and you will get access to National PhD Day.

Q: Which workshops did I register for?

A: Fortunately, you received a confirmation email (from: jotform.eu) with all the details of your registration. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

Q: I did not receive the confirmation email (I checked the spam folder)?

A: If the email is not in the spam folder and you can’t remember which workshops you selected, don’t stress. We have lists at the registration desk for you to check which workshops you registered for.

Q: Do I need to prepare for the workshops?

A: Some workshops to require some preparation. The assignments were mentioned in the newsletter with Final Information and are listed here.

Q: Can I switch workshops or just go to a different workshop than the workshop I registered for?

A: Unfortunately the amount of seats per workshop room is limited and all workshops are fully booked. So you can only go to the workshops you registered for.

Still unanswered questions that can’t wait until Saturday? Let us know by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you!

See you this Saturday!