Homework assignments for workshops NPD 2017

In preparation for the National PhD day 2017 on September 23rd at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Comeniuslaan 2, 6525 HP Nijmegen) a few workshops have homework assignments to help you make the most out of your attendance. Check the overview below to see if your workshop is asking you to do such an assignment!

Workshop: Design a thesis cover that stands out!

Hi PhD!

Thank you for subscribing for my workshop! I’m sending you a small, fun assignment to do at home as a warm-up.
Over the next week look around you. Gather things you like, take pictures. What do you like about them? The colour, the composition, the letters? You can have a look at theses, but you really don’t have to. Magazines, tickets, music posters, they can all inspire you.
Please take everything you found with you to the workshop. It’ll help you to get going. Also, don’t forget to take a pencil.
Enjoy, you’ll see the world with new eyes!


Workshop: Do you dare to live to your capabilities?
Preparative assignments

Take a couple of minutes to scribble down your thoughts on the following questions.

  1. What made you decide to go for a PhD?
  2. Who are your role models, if you had to pick some?
  3. Have you ever experienced a complete sense of “flow”, of being exactly at the right place at the right time? When was that? What were you doing?
  4. Suppose you enjoy full financial independence. You can afford anything. What are you going to do?
  5. What do you want to experience?
  6. What fascinates you, really keeps you occupied?
  7. What do you want to learn?
  8. What would you like the epitaph on your grave to read?

 How to stand out during your dissertation defense

Write down and bring 5 questions that you expect to be asked during the defense.

Workshop: Shape your career

Home work: describe your ideal job in 5 key words.