Individual PhD Coaching

In addition to the lectures and workshops that you can attend on the National PhD Day 2018, it is also possible to make an appointment for individual PhD coaching on November 24th! Several coaches will be present to talk to you about building your career and personal development. They will be available during lunch break and in the afternoon. You can indicate on the online registration form whether you would like to receive individual PhD coaching. The National PhD Day Committee will match you with one of the coaches, who are introduced below. Time slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis!

Chiat Cheong

Qia Consultancy & Training (Career coaching)
06 – 28934590
PhD Power

Since 2009 Chiat Cheong supports scientist to make the most of their PhD Power, benefitting from her research background and her personal struggles in career transition in the past. In 2016 she established Qia Consultancy & Training to provide consultancy to research organizations in the set-up of PhD programmes for career orientation. In addition, she runs workshops and offers individual coaching to support scientists in gaining better insights in their capabilities and intrinsic motivation, which is critical for making decisions towards fulfilling careers.

Geraldine Sinnema

Een wereld van verschil (Career coaching and training for university educated professionals)

Een wereld van Verschil
Training how to find a job after your PhD?

I enjoy increasing people’s awareness of their talents and helping them shine. Together we discover how you can best leverage your skills in your career. In addition to over 15 years of experience in the fields of career coaching and training, I am a natural communicator with a genuine interest in people.
Following my education as a sociologist and education expert at Wageningen University, I became a coach and trainer for university-educated professionals. I already accompanied hundrerds of people to a (better) job, both through individual coaching and in the training ‘How to find a job after your PhD?’
To guarantee the quality of our services, I am a Certified Career Coach at the CMI, the Career Management Institute.

Judith van der Zwan

Biotech Training Facility

Biotech Training Facility

During my career I have noticed that there are so many different routes you can take to discover what you would like to do. My passion is to help people identifying what they are passionate about and to help them take a first step in that direction. Not by telling them what to do, but by asking the right questions.
I have been working with many PhD’s during my professional life and therefore have a good overview of the career challenges PhD’s are facing such as the choice between Academia and Industry. Since I have a good overview of the different options for PhD’s within the Biotech, Pharma and Chemical Industry, please come by if you have questions in that area.
In addition, I can explain what additional knowledge would be beneficial when taking the step to biotech industry since I currently work at Biotech Training Facility where we offer such courses (e.g. HELIS Academy).

NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY, JUDITH VAN DER ZWAN CAN NO LONGER MAKE IT TO THE NATIONAL PHD DAY. She will contact PhD candidates who were assigned to her to offer them coaching by telephone.

Sagitta Peters

Sagitta Peters Career coaching & Training

+31 6 1814 8343

My love for science and technology combined with a deep interest in more societal matters led me, as an engineer, to jobs as policy advisor, editorial assistant and managing director. Triggered by a burn-out, I decided to check out from this path characterized by organizing processes.
To bring my strengths, previous experience and even more important my mission in life together, I created my own dream job. Today I am active as a career coach and trainer for highly educated professionals working in a content-driven environment.
I believe that everyone deserves a job which makes truly happy. Working from the inside out is my method to help you to define and achieve yours.

Marlies Zonderland-Thomassen

Cunera Coaching

P: 06-83565652


W: Homepage

Marlies is a driven coach specialised in coaching PhD students. She is passionate as well as empathetic, with a big doses of perseverance. She has a unique background, being both an international academic expert in the field of sustainable farming systems, as well as holding a post-graduate coaching degree in the area of psychodynamics. Her passion is to support PhD students through obstacles during their PhD to help them flourish and cultivate their inner strength.

“Individual PhD coaching can empower you to deal with obstacles during your PhD and it can increase your pleasure in doing your PhD. Translate obstacles into opportunities by working on self-development which is useful for the rest of your career! As a PhD student you have to balance so many things. The PhD coach will help you to get to the bottom of your problem, and you will learn what you can do to improve your situation.

Grab this opportunity to experience what a PhD coach can mean to you!”