Keynote Lectures

Henriëtte Prast

Have you ever wondered how you can connect two seemingly different career paths? Being a professor of Finance at Tilburg University and Member of the Senate (the Dutch Upper House), Prof. Henriëtte Prast will give us insights into her unique career path.

She will connect her lecture to the following questions; have you ever wondered if coincidence exists? And if so, should we let it govern our career paths? What about the obstacles posed by implicit bias in academia? Can you stay connected to your own values even though it might be a risk to your career? Come to this engaging keynote lecture to find out.

Prof. Henriette Prast, who was ranked among the 200 most influential people in The Netherlands by the Dutch newspaper ‘Volkskrant’ from 2008 until 2013, is Professor of Finance at Tilburg University. Her interdisciplinary research on personal financial planning spans from finance over cognitive linguistics to social psychology. Her research field Economy is the field with the lowest percentage of female professors. She also is a Member of the Senate and active in the committees Finance; Economic Affairs; Health, Welfare & Sport and Social Affairs & Employment. Next to bridging these two different worlds, she is also the chair of the Foundation for Auditing Research, board member in the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH), and commissioner of the pension fund AZL. She has held various functions, among them she was a member of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), the supervisory board of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee, the Banking Code Monitoring Committee and the Audit Committee of the Staatsloterij.

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Ingeborg Meijer

Stay connected to yourself and to your mental wellness

Do you doubt whether you can stay connected to yourself during the stressful phases of your PhD research? Have you felt on the brink of a burnout or have you seen colleagues struggle?

In her interactive keynote lecture, Dr. Ingeborg Meijer will tell us from the stress which is accompanying PhD research, over risk factor to mental health issues and career perspectives of PhD students. Have you ever wondered what you can do yourself to mitigate stress and mental health issues? Well, come and find out.

Dr. Ingeborg Meijer is senior researcher at CWTS, University Leiden, focusing her research on the societal impact of research through open science and RRI. She started her career with a PhD in biomedicine, worked in biotech, health research policy at the ministry of Health, and in European STI evaluation consultancy before returning to university in the social sciences. Working from within she sees how the academic career system struggles to align with and reach out to society.