The 2018 National PhD Day  will take place in Tilburg University, building C, also known as the Cobbenhagen Building. The adress is Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg.

We will start the event in the Aula of the C building. The workshops will take place in rooms according to the schedule. Building C is notorious for a strange room numbering. So follow the signs in the building to avoid getting lost!

If you are travelling by train, we suggest taking a train to the Tilburg Universiteit station (5 minutes away from the University).

The train station is indicated at the map below. There are also plenty of signs at the station.

Tilburg University can be reached by bus. From Station Tilburg CS you need to get off at bus stop ‘Universiteit van Tilburg’ by taking bus number ‘4 Reeshof’ and ‘131 Breda’, or at bus stop ‘Conservatoriumlaan’ nearby our buildings Reitse Poort and Reitse Toren, by taking bus number ‘2, 3, 4 Reeshof’ and ‘131 Breda’. About every five minutes one of these buses is leaving from Station Tilburg CS.

You can also take bus number ‘2, 3 Reeshof’ to bus stop ‘Station Tilburg University’ (with station elevators) and walk through the walking bridge to Tilburg University (< 10 min. walk). From ‘Station Tilburg Reeshof’ you can take bus number ‘4 Centraal Station’ to reach bus stop ‘Universiteit van Tilburg’ and bus stop ‘Conservatoriumlaan’ fort he buildings Reitse Poort and Reitse Toren; also with bus number 629 from ‘Busstation Oosterhout’ you can reach both bus stops. See also or

Free parking is usually available around the University or at the parking lots shown at the picture below.