Preparation for workshops

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Please check below if there are any preparations required for your workshops:

Working softly

To prepare for the workshop Working Softly, please reflect on the following:

What is working hard for you? When are you working hard? Which days/hours? What do you think when you are working hard? How does it feel physically (your forehead, eyes, neck, shoulders, belly, legs, feet, etc.)? What do others notice about you when you are working hard? What do you experience on the inside?

And how is all of this when you are working softly?


Design your own thesis cover

Hi PhD!

Thank you for subscribing for my workshop! I’m sending you a small, fun assignment to do at home as a warm-up for the 29th of October.

Over the next weeks look around you. Gather things you like, take pictures. What do you like about them? The colour, the composition, the letters? You can have a look at theses, but you really don’t have to. Magazines, tickets, music posters, they can all inspire you.

Please take everything you found with you to the workshop. It’ll help you to get going. Also, don’t forget to bring a pencil.

Enjoy, you’ll see the world with new eyes!


Crashcourse Cleaning Messy Data

Please bring your fully charged (!) laptop to the workshop, with the software ‘OpenRefine’ already downloaded at home.

You can download OpenRefine here


Skills for the PhD Afterlife

Dear participants,

How nice that you are joining our workshop!

We would like you to prepare beforehand with a short exercise, which
should not take more than 15-20 minutes.

This will give you the opportunity to come to the workshop with the
right mindset.


Please fill in the Belbin questionnaire (download here) and add
up the number of points for each team role.
Take note of your most preferred role -and of your second most
preferred, if the scores are very similar.

Read the descriptions of your team role and think about the following

– do you recognize yourself in the description? How do the
skills characterizing your role emerge in your daily research work?

– and can you assess what team role might your supervisor have?

There is no need to send us the results of the test beforehand, but
those will be used as a starting point for our discussion, so it is
important for you to prepare in advance.

Looking forward to meet on the 29th of October!

Frerik & Serena

Workshopleaders ‘Skills for the PhD Afterlife’
National PhD Day 2016


Job application new style

Would you appreciate a cv check prior to the training or do you have specific questions about job applications? Please send your cv and/or questions before October 26 to, referring to Training Job application National PhD Day.