A doctorate; and what’s next?
By: Jesper van Thor and Ruurd Schoonhoven (CBS)

At this moment your PhD research is probably all you can think about. But what about your life after your PhD?  Did you already think about your next step? Do you know how many doctorate holders are working in an academic environment or find their future jobs elsewhere? And how much they earn? Do you know their opinion on various aspects of respectively their current job and their PhD research? This workshop focuses on the careers of doctorate holders. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) conducted a survey (2014) among doctorate holders in the Netherlands. The main aim of this workshop is to provide more insights in employment situation, international mobility, demographic characteristics, and perceptions on the PhD research and current job of holders in the Netherlands. Information retrieved from doctorate holders themselves; i.e your future colleagues!

Speak like Obama

By: Lars Duursma (Debatrix), expert in persuasive power and former World champion debating.

Learn how to give speeches that will touch, captivate and inspire your audience!
Barack Obama knows like no other how to inspire millions of people all around the world with just one speech. But just ten years ago he was everything but a gifted speaker. In a very short amount of time he learned a great deal about presenting and speaking in front of an audience. During this lecture you will learn the same techniques that Obama uses, which will ensure that you will touch, captivate and inspire your audience – just like Obama does! After this lecture you will know the basis structure of an inspiring story and you will have practiced the most important ingredients that make up an amazing story that will fascinate people and move them.

Competent PhD on the Job Market
By: Dr. Claartje van Sijl, counselor/trainer  at Van Sijl Counseling & Training (Claartje@vansijl.com / www.vansijl.com / Twitter ID: @vansijl)

As you start looking around on the job market, you may be surprised to notice that the experience you gained in your PhD years does not automatically give you an advantage over people with a masterʼs degree. How to convince companies of the added value of your PhD? What preconceptions exist out there about PhDs? In this workshop you become aware of the wide scope of PhD competences and learn to illustrate them with concrete examples. Trainer is dr. Claartje van Sijl. As philosophical career counselor and trainer she assists early and mid-career academics throughout the world with questions of purpose, direction, balance and confidence in life and career.

Let’s shake on it: the tricks of networking within your PhD community
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You might have come across a small saying like this: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. With this in mind, this session will challenge your own views on networking, its dirty secrets and silver linings. Why should you think or start networking today if you really do not like it? Why even having a network in academia? How do you begin or keep it up and running? Or better yet, why should you network just because others tell you to do so? To discover some productive answers to these questions, or explore any other troubling issues you might encounter in this tough academic world of connections, we invite you to join in a curious mini-workshop on network leadership. You will be trying out a few tricks but also explore the connection mysteries right there, right now with your fellow peers, as simple as a handshake. And as a bonus, you might find that personal development is not just a challenge imposed by others, but an inspiring learning trip you choose for yourself. Looking forward to seeing you at this network hub!

Orientation on Entrepreneurship for a Scientist (Ondernemerschap)
By: Marcelien Breedveld (Startup Accelerator at Utrechtinc.nl / Twitter ID: @marcellien / @utrechtinc)

Is entrepreneurship the next step in my career? Do I have the talents and skills to do that? What are the opportunities to transfer my research project into a business? What happens to my academic career if I do? If these questions match yours then you should join this workshop. In this workshop you will experience what it takes to become an entrepreneur and what you need to start up (within the context of your current research or the business idea that you have). You get a platform to pitch and share your idea, discover which skills you need as entrepreneur and why customers, money and execution are vital to successful entrepreneurs. We ask you to bring your own ideas and entrepreneurial mindset to share and together enjoy the creativity, energy and perseverance of discovering the entrepreneur in you.