Registration starts now!

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Registration for the fourth edition of National PhD day on September 23rd 2017 has now opened!
Admission is completely free for PhD candidates and registration will run until the 18th of September. The day starts at 10:00 AM, with the official opening at 11:00 AM, followed by the keynote speeches. The afternoon is reserved for 12 workshops, divided over three rounds. We will end the day with the Supervisor Award and drinks. Please study the graphic below carefully to see which workshops you want to register for. You can only choose one workshop per round. Once registered, you cannot switch between workshops. All the information about the workshops can be found on the website and on our Facebook page throughout the registration period.

Building a business out of your PhD? (round 1 – 90 people)
Can you use your PhD research as the basis for entrepreneurship?

Dare to present in an outstanding way! (round 1 – 40 people)
Use theatre tools to present your exciting results in the way they deserve.

How to stand out during your dissertation defense (round 1 – 40 people)
What to expect during the defense and prepare for any questions you might get.

The future of publishing – Dare to go digital (round 1 – 40 people)
Word or pdf are vulnerable digital formats, the future of keeping your data safe is XML!

How to stand out online! – Using social media for an optimal online profile (round 2 – 90 people)
Power up your professional online profile on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The secret of writing great sentences – Dare to steal prose writers skills (round 2 – 40 people)
Learn from prose writers to do justice to the content of your data.

How to stand out during your dissertation defense (round 2 – 40 people)
What to expect during the defense and prepare for any questions you might get.

Shape your career (round 2 – 40 people)
What is your ideal job and how would you approach the (Dutch) labour market?

Do you dare to live to your capabilities? (round 3 – 90 people)
Discover your capabilities and the internal factors that drive you, within and without your PhD work.

Saving tons of writing time – Dare to listen to te voice of the content (round 3 – 40 people)
Professional researchers are not professional writers, but you can write with more efficiency and joy.

Design a thesis cover that stands out! (round 3 – 40 people)
Design a thesis cover with that extra touch, make something that’s unique, really you and stands out!

Me at my best – Dare to show the best of you on stage (round 3 – 40 people)
You don’t just present your data, you’re presenting yourself as well!