We all know that PhD candidate supervision requires complex interaction between candidates and the graduate supervisor. An outstanding PhD supervisor is a mentor, an adviser, a role model and a strategist. A caring and effective supervisor possesses a high level of energy and ingenuity.

Therefore, the PhD Candidate Network of the Netherlands (PNN) established the Best Supervisor of the Year Award to recognize exemplary faculty members in The Netherlands who have demonstrated excellence in PhD candidate supervision. The recipient will be honored on our National PhD Day with a Certificate of PhD Supervision Excellence and an a prize!

Each nomination must be made by current or previous PhD candidate(s) who were supervised by the nominee. To increase the success rate of the nomination, we recommend the nomination to be supported by past and present PhD candidates of the nominee and other candidates who have had the opportunity to receive guidance or informal mentoring from the nominee.

Procedure & criteria
Applications should clearly state the names of all nominators and their current affiliations as PhD candidates or their previous ones in case they have already obtained their PhD degree.

In addition, the application should clearly state the name of the nominee and his/her current or relevant past affiliations.

The supporting letters should describe the outstanding supervisory record of the nominee under criteria like, but not limited to:

  • effective guidance and planning of graduate research for his/her PhD candidates;
  • established mechanism for ongoing interaction with PhD candidates;
  • timely reading and provision of feedback on candidates’ work;
  • maintaining his/her role as an advisor while instilling independence among the PhD candidates;
  • fostering and facilitating candidates’ skills for problem solving, critical thinking, self-directed learning and effective communicating;
  • promoting dissemination and presentation of PhD candidate’s research results;
  • supporting career preparation by the candidate, and;
  • a high completion rate of his or her PhD candidates.

The nomination may be supported by evidence like: documentation of particular supervisory processes and strategies, examples of supervisory tools or resources used with candidates, evaluations of supervision by PhD candidates, citations from past candidates, extracts from acknowledgements in theses, feedback scripts to candidates on drafts, publications by the nominee reporting on his/her supervision, invitations to supervise at other universities, other awards for supervisory excellence, etc.

 Applications should be emailed to supervisoraward@nationalphdday.nl. The deadline for sending in applications is 15 October 2018.