This years edition of PNN’s National PhD Day will be hosted at the Academy Building of the University of Nijmegen. For those of you coming from other universities or research facilities and not familiar with Nijmegen, we have listed some suggestions for your travel to Nijmegen as well as the address you’ll stay at during the day.


Aula Academy Building
Comeniuslaan 2
6525 HP Nijmegen


Travel by train
Using public transportation to get to National PhD Day 2017 is highly recommended. Fortunately, the NS offers a group discount for people who are traveling together with the same destination (Nijmegen Central Station). This NS Group Return Ticket can be used in groups with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10. Depending on the size of your group, the ticket will cost between €7,00 -€13,75 per person. For more detailed information on pricing and conditions, check the NS website.

From the central station on you can take several busses:

Line 3 Berg en dal Afrika museum to van Peltlaan Nijmegen

Line 4 Aldenhof to stop Akkerlaan

Line 6 Dukenburg to stop

Line 9 Grave Station to van Peltlaan Nijmegen

Line 15 Wijchen to stop Spinozagebouw/tandheelkunde

Line 83 Venlo or Gennep station to stop Radboud UMC

Parking facilities in Nijmegen

For those of you traveling by car, Nijmegen has a few parking options. Please keep in mind that parking in the city center is limited and expensive. Aula visitors can use the underground car park P6 (Grotius building) at Montessorilaan 10 in Nijmegen. This paid car park is open 24/7. You can drop off passengers outside the Aula and then park in P6.

Direct access to the lift is only available on level -2 of the car park. The lift takes you directly to the ground floor of the Grotius building. Exit the lift, turn left and leave the building. The Aula is located on the opposite side of Comeniuslaan. If you’re taking the stairs, follow the signs ‘EXIT/AULA’. Level -1 of the car park can only be exited using the stairs.

Two parking spaces for disabled people are located outside the Aula. Wheelchair users can use level -2 in the P6 car park. This level has a lift with direct access to the ground floor of the Grotius building. After you exit the lift, turn right to leave the main entrance of the Grotius building using the ramp on the right. Make your way around the building. The Aula and the Administration Building are located on the opposite side of Comeniuslaan.

A detailed floor map of the campus with parking locations can be found here.

A floor map of the parking area surrounding the Aula can be found here