Workshop: Do you dare to live to your capabilities?

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Do you dare to live to your capabilities?

A workshop by Chiat Cheong, PhD, Qia Consultancy & Training ( & Ralph Rousseau, PhD.

Description of workshop:
How do you arrive at the decisions that determine your career as a PhD? The options may be far more extensive than you may imagine, especially in today’s world. So what  is going to determine these choices? Your knowledge, your capabilities, the opportunities that just happen to arise
We challenge you to discover your PhD Power and the internal factors that drive you in what you do. The question then becomes: to what extent will you dare to let your true motivation determine your career path?
Both trainers are PhD graduates and pursued research careers. When they took the leap and applied their PhD skills outside research, it resulted in unexpected but successful and rewarding career paths. Take a few minutes to read about those career paths here!
There is an assignment in preparation for this workshop.