Workshop: Crashcourse Cleaning Messy Data

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Crashcourse Cleaning Messy Data

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Workshop by Mateusz Kuzak, Research Engineer at eScience Center | @matkuzak

Mateusz, how did you take charge of your career? 

I realized I can make much bigger impact as the research software engineer, bridging the gap between science and computing. I focused on developing skills in that direction instead of academic career.

Description of the workshop

During this workshop, you will learn how to use OpenRefine,  a tool for working with ‘messy’ data. You will:

• Get an overview of a data set
• Resolve inconsistencies in a data set
• Split data up into more granular parts
• Match local data up to other data sets
• Enhance a data set with data from other sources

In order to participate in this workshop, you will need to bring your laptop computer and make sure you have installed the OpenRefine tool prior to National PhD Day. The installation instructions can be found here


For more information on the programme of National PhD Day 2016, go to the programme page.