Workshop: Speak like Obama

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Speak like Obama


Workshop by: Victor Vlam, communication trainer and coach at Debatrix | @victorvlam

Victor, how did you take charge of your career?

Finding out what you are good at and enjoy doing. Then figuring out how you can use those talents to add value. In that order. To become good at what you do, you have to like doing it. To become the best at something you have to practice to the point at which it almost isn’t rational anymore to do so. For me that insight was crucial.

Description of the workshop

Learn how to give speeches that will touch, captivate and inspire your audience!

Barack Obama knows like no other how to inspire millions of people all around the world with just one speech. During this lecture you will learn the same techniques that Obama uses, which will ensure that you will touch, captivate and inspire your audience – just like Obama. In 2008 and 2012 the trainer of this workshop campaigned for Barack Obama and he will give you a little behind the scenes… Yes you can, Yes we can!

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